Student Council, October 2017

Teacher Appreciation Day

To express appreciation and gratitude to all the teachers at the school, members of the Student Council personally prepared pastries and drinks on September 24 as a Teacher Appreciation Day Present. We hope that the teachers enjoyed their Starbucks gift cards.

Boba Milk Tea Fundraiser

Student council will be having a Boba milk tea sale on Oct. 22 after school from 3:30 to 4:00pm. Boba will be $3.00 per cup. Stands will be located next to the office and near the front parking lot.

Halloween Activities at Fall Barbecue

This year, Student Council will continue to coordinate the Halloween activities and Fall BBQ event with the Chinese Culture Association, and will be holding a Candy Drive on Oct. 22. We really appreciate parents will continue to donate a bag (or bags) of candy for the CLS annual Fall/Halloween BBQ. All donations should be dropped off at the office in a box labeled "Candy Donations."

Student Council for 2017-2018

The Student Council’s new members for the 2017-2018 school year are: President Natalie Jenq, Vice President Rebecca Ger, Secretary Brandon Tse, Treasurer Anika Kang, and Documentary Clerk Kirsten Wang. The Student Council’s new Advisor Jennifer Jenq will lead the team to coordinate between the school and students.

Restaurant Discount Cards for 2018

The Student Council is offering a new restaurant discount card for 2018. We have a total of 26 restaurants that offer various discounts for cardholders. The Discount Cards will go on sale in the office (Room SC11E) starting Oct. 22 and during the upcoming school Fall BBQ on Oct. 28. The cost of each card is $10, which is good for the entire year of 2018.