Student Council, November 2017

Fall BBQ

The music, food, games, performances, and pleasant weather made the annual CLS Fall BBQ on October 28th a huge success! Thank you to all the volunteer parents, led by Ms. Jenny Li, the Director of Chinese Cultural Association, for preparing the venue and providing us with delicious food. We would also like to thank Mr. Ed Tse for taking family photos for everybody during the event. This year, the Student Council set up a number of fun stands including Henna, Face Painting, Wheel of Fortune, Duck Pond, Ring Toss, and the Ball Toss game for the students to play. The games were very popular and all the prizes were gone by the end of the BBQ. A big thank you to everyone involved in the designing, preparing props, and running each stand, and special thanks to the parents who donated candy! Our Halloween costume contest was also a success, thanks to the students who participated. On behalf of the Student Council, we would like to congratulate all the winners. All of the students who participated looked fantastic and received prizes! Thank you ALL!

Annual Food Drive

As the year comes to an end, the Student Council would like to ask everyone to participate in the annual food drive to help the needy. All proceeds will be given to the Tzu Chi foundation, who will distribute them to the families in need for the holidays. We are asking you to help donate rice (less than 5 lbs per bag), pasta, and beans (no canned foods). The class that donates the most (in pounds) will receive a Jamba Juice party! Please make sure to write your grade on the food you donate, so we will be able to determine the winner. The drive will be held from November 12 to December 3. Thank you all for your love and generosity!

Restaurant Discount Card 2018

The student council has made a new restaurant discount card for 2018. We have a total of 26 restaurants that offer various discounts for the cardholders. The cost is $10 per card, which is good for the entire year of 2018. You may purchase the card from Jennifer Jenq or Amy Chen in the office (Room SC11E).