Chinese Culture Association, November 2017

Fall BBQ & Halloween Party

Our Fall BBQ & Halloween party held on October 28th was full of joy and happiness. I want to thank everyone who contributed their time and efforts to support this event. Your delicious dishes and fun games made this party successful. Thanks especially to those who came earlier for setting up and stayed at the end for cleaning up. I believe both parents and children had a wonderful time. We are grateful for your support.

Decorating Venue Daniel Kang, Connie Kang, Jeff Jenq, Jennifer Jenq, Natalie Jenq, Fangpei Li, Leo Hsu, Brenden Tse, Jeffrey Hsu, Lifen Hung, Rebecca Ger, Benjamin Ger, Melody Young, Yenting Wen, Rachel Lee, Grace Lee, Hsin Ling Robinson, Yu-Fen Hsieh, Chi Mon Chen, Ming Chun Han, Ann Tseng
Dining Tables & Chairs Steve Chen, Ann Tseng, Melody Young, Nancy Ritzert, Yenting Wen, Ming Chun Han, Hsu Fa Lien
Grilling Max Lee
Ticket Sales Amy Chen, Tina Lai, Ann Tseng
Pinata/Candy/Gift Card Ming Chun Han
Food Preparation Amy Chen, FangPei Li, Ino Yu, Yih Kuang Lu, Annie Kuo, Tina Han, Mei-Zhu Chen, Florensia Tedja, Wendy Sollars, Connie Kang, Max Lee, Connie Chia , Emma Ditsworth, Robert Ko (Lan Lan Li), Marta Waddell, Sharon Chen, Keng-Yu Chuang, Sandy Stiffler, Karen Feuerstein, Yalin Chen-Dorman, Yi Hui Wu, Lifen Hung, Rozanne Young, Emily Tadano, Ahua Briner, Melissa Swanson, Nancy Ritzert, Cindy Liu, Julie Huang, Vicky Wu, Leezah Sun, Yu-Fen Hsieh, Jill Chiu, Ray Tseng
Water, Ice, Soda, Pizza  Jill Yen, Joe Lockard, Leezah Sun ,Grace Lee,Fang Pei Li, Jing Xing Hsu, Robert Ma
Food Pick Up Jack Hsu, Phyllis Hsu
Party Host Sally Chen
Audio Jeff Jenq
Photographers  Jeff Jenq, Jesse Lo, Ino Yu
Family Portrait Ed Tse
Clean Up  Jeff Jenq, Jennifer Jenq, Natalie Jenq, Ed Tse, Sally Chen, Daniel Kang, Ming Chun Han, Terry Chen, Jesse Lo, Sting Chen, FangPei Li, Leo Hsu, Grace Lee, Melody Young, Steve Chen, Robert Ma, Jing Xing Hsu, Ahua Briner, Yvonne Wong, Ann Tseng, Ray Tseng, Yenting Wen, Lifen Hung, Rebecca Ger, Benjamin Ger, Jim Kuo, Johnny Kuo, Hsin Ling Robinson, Yu-Fen Hsieh, Chi Mon Chen, Rachel Lee, and all the parents and students that helped to clean up

Thanks again for everyone's generous help. Please excuse us if we forgot to list your name here.