Student Council, February 2018

Discount Card

For the new Discount Card, our Student Council members visited each of the original listings as well as some new restaurants and bakeries to ask for their support before Fall BBQ. At the same time, they also received help from the Student Council advisor Ms. Jennifer Jenq and parents. Finally the 2018 Discount Card went on sale on October 22, 2017. As of now we have sold more than one hundred cards. With everyone’s continued encouragement and support, there is no doubt that this fundraiser will have an amazing outcome. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a discount card! Your support means everything to us! If you have not yet purchased the card, come buy one because it will save you a lot of money when you eat at the restaurants. If you would like to purchase a discount card, please contact Jennifer Jenq or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Food Drive

Thanks to everyone who donated food for the Food Drive. We were able to collect over 460 lbs. of rice, beans, pastas and noodles. All the food was delivered to Tzu Chi on December 10, 2017. Tzu Chi will distribute the food to needy families. Thank you for your compassion and kind heart for the needy. The 7th graders donated the most food and each student was awarded 4 prize cards.